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Air Sealing & Fire Stopping Services

Air Sealing & Fire Stopping Services
Air Pressure Testing Ltd has undertaken Air and Fire Sealing on all types of buildings from Hospitals to large schools since 2003 to help achieve improved customer comfort and ensure protected enclosures are adequately sealed to facilitate the correct retention times. Since the new Part L Building Regulations were introduced in 2002 APT Sound Testing have become heavily involved with a comprehensive service from initial air barrier design reviews and on-going construction site surveys to the final air testing, this provides you a one stop solution for all of your air leakage and fire integrity sealing and testing requirements.

In terms of the air barrier design, it needs to be continuous around the whole envelope, this includes; floor, roof & walls. The components that make up the air barrier needs to be durable and maintainable in the long term. The air seal line can be drawn on construction drawings, showing the physical barrier that make up the airtight envelope of the building.

The maintainable aspect is extremely important for fire enclosure testing as there may be on-going service penetration updates, which will require quick effective repairs to ensure the air fire barriers on-going integrity.

Air and Fire Sealing
Successful air and fire sealing comes from understanding and coordinating the air sealing details from the outset, and understanding the huge variety of modern materials which combine to form the construction of all types of modern buildings. Air Pressure Testing Ltd have delivered airtight envelopes on all types of buildings and are able to install durable, cost-effective solutions.

If a building construction is a one off we will look at this in isolation to develop a practical way forward. We have built up a large data base of customers by offering our clients:

» A well-managed safe system of works
» Effective proactive service that operates around your requirements
» A rapid value engineered cost-efficient service

We also carryout work at night or weekends to minimise disruption, this is often undertaken on projects such as Power Stations and Hospitals where peak hour shut downs is not an alternative. We offer a nationwide service offering a single supplier for all of your regional offices and projects.

If you require our air sealing services, please call us now on: 01525 303905 or email us at: info@airpressuretesting.net

APT Sound Testing Services
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APT Sound Testing Services